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J bike by JEE-O

J bike by JEE-O is available under special license at WPX about bikes. The J bike by JEE-O is a strong urban appearance; familiar and innovative at the same time. Carried out in vintage matt black with a firm setting, by the beautiful retro saddle, the small riser steering wheel and the smooth road ability. The back-pedal break is well-known by everyone, so the bike is very accessible, easy to ride and in total control! The High-Tech three spokes front wheel, of a magnesium / aluminium alloy, takes care off speed and a powerful appearance, but also for comfort in combination with the 25mm wide tires. The anodized parts are quality parts, like you used to from JEE-O. The frame and the straight front fork are from Hi-Tensile Steel. It’s strong, familiar, a classic look and you become one with the bike. The Nylon pedals and single-lock grips take care of a great grip.

Opruiming Sportief/Trekking J bike Race/MTB
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